Accounting consultancy


Sebastián Pujol

Sebastián Pujol

Accounting Department Manager

Joan Font

Joan Font

Accounting Department

Do you need advice? Do you want to have your own computer program for management of your accounts?

Having a scrupulous accounting record is something very important for businesses, both to be aware of the real state of the company and to face the relevant accounting obligations. With help and the right tools, accounting activity can be something simple and straightforward.

Our team, composed of accounting specialists, can help you in:

 Accounting development.

 Advice on the General Accounting Plan and its applications.

 Collaboration in the management and control of your administration department.

 Control and monitoring of accounting obligations and balance analysis.

 Legalisation of the accounting books and deposit of the annual accounts in the corresponding Commercial Registry.

 Document archive management for invoices and other documents both manual and digital.

 Analytical and budgetary accounting. Implementation of sector-based plans.

 Monitoring of tax obligations.

 Preparation of economic and financial reports.

 Management of fixed assets, asset control, depreciations, etc.

 Coordination of account audits.

 Constant advice on matters relating to accounting.

We want to provide you with the best possible help in any of our accounting services so you can work comfortably knowing that you have a team that assists and supports you.



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