Property management

Do you want to avoid having any surprises with legislation or inspections? Do you need advice on buying and selling property?
Sometimes, the relationship with the people you share a building with can become complicated. The conflict of interests and the different interpretations of the statutes of the community, or of the legislation, provoke discussions and make coexistence difficult. Having someone to help you, bring you experience and knowledge will save you a lot of headaches. Over the years we have expanded our services to offer a solution to the most common requests of our customers:
 Horizontal property management (buildings).
 Administration in vertical property regime (owners of business premises or housing).
 Attendance at community meetings.
  Advice with, and control and monitoring of all types of incidents.
 Advice on the purchase and sale of real estate. Knowing that you have someone to help you and look after your interests will allow you to focus on what matters to you most. Your business.



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