We have been working since 1937 in the administrative processing of documents. Since its foundation, Gabinete Mario Darder S.L has been run by the Darder family, first by Emilio Darder Hevia and Mario Darder Andreu, and now by the latter’s children.

During the last 80 years we have been expanding our administrative services, adapting to the different legislative and social changes, to provide better coverage to our customers. Currently we provide a wide variety of services that allow us to adjust to the individual needs of each person or company through the services of: Administrative Management, Tax Consultancy, Labour, Legal and Accounting, Property Management, Real Estate and Insurance.

We have a multidisciplinary team composed of professionals from different fields (Economic and Business Sciences, Law, Administrative Management, Social Work, Property Management, Accounting and IT), able to respond to difficulties and provide concrete solutions.

We undertake each job we do with enthusiasm and eagerness to excel, striving at all times to solve the current problems that our client has and to avoid those that may come in the future.

All this makes us a company with extensive experience, mindful of changes, that has a wide variety of services founded on principles and values that are passed on from generation to generation.

Welcome to Gabinete Darder.